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Dickson Mounds Museum


Dickson Mounds Museum interprets its rich prehistoric Native American site in the Central Illinois River Valley through various media exhibits, including the seamless looping, cyclical experience, “Reflections on Three Worlds.” As visitors descend the ramp around the perimeter of this 5,400 sq.ft. space, they experience the three spirit “worlds” of pre-historic Mississippian Indian belief. Combined with theatrical lighting effects, imagery projected onto scrims, hanging cords, and various materials seem to float in space, while natural sound effects, Native American words and music, and sound design elements combine to evoke an evolving atmosphere. As visitors move around the space, they experience the “upper world,” “this world,” and the “lower world,” powerfully expressed through symbols, chants, symbolic colors and sounds that reflect these realms of existence.

DLP provided turnkey media from concept through post-production; worked closely with the technical team through all phases of engineering, testing, and installation; and directed onsite programming. The project required one year of research, concept development and scripting, one year of design through post-production, and one month of media installation and on-site programming.