The People of the Pecos is an immersive film experience set in a partially enclosed theater in The Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas. Sweeping 42’-wide panoramic vistas, stunning rock art, and ancient artifacts are departure points for exploring the lives of the people who thrived in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands nearly 14,000 years ago. The soundtrack features an original score recording of an authentic replica of a flute in the Witte collection, surviving from over 4,000 years ago.

The show builds to the reveal of rock shelters in the canyon walls — places that provided both protection from the elements and giant “canvases” on which these ancient peoples recorded stories about creation, their beliefs, and astrological information that reflect thousands of years of accumulated knowledge. At a key moment in the show the night sky, created by an array of thousands of tiny points of light, appears overhead, the constellations arranged as people saw them 4,000 years ago from these ancient rock shelters.

Exhibition Design: Gallagher & Associates

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