Twenty-four media-based exhibits, including an HDTV theater, computer interactives, fishing simulators, small theater experiences, ambient audio, and several other media experiences convey the scope, excitement, variety, and history of sport fishing. The orientation experience, Journeys, produced in 35mm film, explores the essence of sportfishing- from the thrill of the catch on a small freshwater lake, to fly-fishing in the Catskills, to the challenge and satisfaction of landing–and releasing–a world record blue marlin. As this magnificent creature plows up through the surface of the water, the size of the projected image doubles in height, resulting in a 24’ x 28’ high-definition image. Combined with in-theater fogging and a surprise reveal to a choreographed water feature viewed from within the theater, the experience engages the novice as well as the experienced angler in the story of sportfishing.